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The outside of the bell tower showing clock face  

Great St Mary's has eight bells as follows:

Bell Date recast Approx Weight Note
Treble 1871 6 cwt D
2 1872 6 cwt C#
3 1749 7cwt B
4 1870 9cwt A
5 1870 11cwt G
6 1870 14cwt F#
7 1870 19cwt E
Tenor 1964 24cwt D

The original bells were present in 1700 and were then described as 'a deep ring'. The largest bell was originally cast by John Bryant of Hertford in 1795.

The Bell Captain is Fred Bone. Click here for link to  the Hertford Association of Change Ringers.

Sawbridgeworth Rotary Club made a recording of the bells welcoming in the Year 2000 - You can hear the tenor bell strike midnight and then the bells peal, accompanied by the sound of fireworks  (192KB mp3 file).

Click here to here the bells ringing in the Millennium

Here is a photo of the tenor bell which was made in 1703 and recast in 1964. The child is the 8 year old niece of one of the members of today's congregation.