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The COVID-19 restrictions have meant that much of our income has dried up - but our work continues and we need support to fund that.


We appreciate that nearly everyone has been hit financially.  If  you are able to contribute to the church it will be well received and carefully used.

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Wooden alms box The sixteenth century alms box just inside the Church is an item of historical interest made from a treetrunk, hollowed out at the top, but no longer used for collecting money. However there is a small metal safe above it for  any donations.

There are four ways to contribute:

1. Electronic payment directly to Sawbridgeworth PCC's bank account...

Bank: TSB plc     Account Name: Sawbridgeworth Parochial Church Council
For details please contact the local TSB Branch or one of our churchwardens.

2. By cheque...

Cheque made payable to 'Sawbridgeworth PCC' sent to our Treasurer (the Parish Office is closed). Ms J Patterson, 54 Sayesbury Road, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 0EB

3. By carefully saving...

Save your weekly envelopes and/or cash each week and hand it in after some weeks or when the church is open again

4. By the internet...

Send your donation electronically, using the button below...

If you are a taxpayer, and not already registered with us for GiftAid, but would like us to receive an extra 25% from HMRC, please complete the attached GiftAid Form  and post it  to Ms Patterson at the address above or e-mail it to: office@sawbridgeworthchurch.org.uk

Sawbridgeworth Parochial Church Council has, through Act of Parliament, the status of a charity.

The cost of this website has been met by a donation from a member of the congregation.