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Great St Mary's has these brasses:
Mary, wife of Edward Leventhorpe 1600
John Chauncy, Esq. 1479
Edward Leventhorpe, Esq. & wife Elizabeth 1600
A shield from brass to John Chauncy, Esq. & wives 1546
Joan, wife of John Leventhorpe, Esq.  1527
Inscription William Chauncey 1600
John Leventhorpe & his wife Joan 1484
Inscr. John Leventhorpe & wife Joan 1484
12 sons and 6 daughters with the arms of Chauncey 1480
Geoffrey Joslyne & wives Katherine & Joan 1470 RUB
John Leventhorpe, Esq. & wife Katherine  

We offer you the opportunity to 'rub' two figures from the remarkable 1470 AD brass and then get actual size copies to print out.  You will be able to see all the detail and, in line with brass rubbing tradition, you may choose adorn your home with them.


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