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Great St Mary's has a number of historic monumental brasses. A monumental brass is an engraved sheet of brass (or an alloy called 'latten').  It usually has a picture of the person commemorated.  If it is a 'man of high estate' he may be shown in his suit of armour.

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Brass rubbing involves placing a sheet of paper over the brass and rubbing the paper with a wax crayon until an impression appears.

The result is a full life size replica of the brass - it faithfully reproduces all the engraving and all the marks and scratches left over a five hundred year period.  And most of all it says "I was there - I touched this ancient object - I rubbed this brass myself".

We thought that if we could make the pleasure of brass rubbing available on a worldwide scale over the internet it might encourage you to visit us. Perhaps you might even make a small donation.

The small picture below shows the Joslyne brass of 1470. You will be able to rub the figures of Jeffrey and his wife Katherine from this brass. 

  The Jocelyn Brass   



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